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homemade brown sugar

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First, let’s talk.

Is brown sugar more healthy than white sugar? Like brown rice vs. white rice, brown bread vs. white bread? Is it less refined?

The Damsel looked up an article about how commercial sugar producers make brown sugar and got confused. But it seems it comes down to this: maybe they used to do it differently, but nowadays, they make white sugar by refining out stuff, and make it brown by adding some of that stuff back in. #headscratch.

And, as you might guess, once the stuff is in your body, it can’t tell the difference. Sugar’s sugar.

But can you make brown sugar yourself at home? Yes! It’s as easy as kindergarten.

For every one cup of white sugar, add a tablespoon of molasses.

Mix well, being sure to scrape down the sides to coat all that nasty white stuff until it’s pleasantly brown. You can do it old school and just go at it with a fork, or an electric mixer will do the job quickly.

You can add another tablespoon at this point, for “dark” brown sugar. You can vary the kind of molasses you use, too, if you feel the need. The Damsel has enough going on in her life that she feels no need to add a brown sugar variable. But she gives you permission to go there. Have fun.

The resulting brown sugar is fluffy, yet clingy, so you can pack it into a measuring cup as usual. The Damsel found it interesting that when she measured, she had pretty much exactly what she started with: 1 cup + 1 tablespoon brown sugar.

No more running to the market when you’re in the middle of a cookie baking project! The Damsel feels in her heart that this method must also be cheaper than buying the plastic packages of brown sugar. But she has a cold, so she can’t do math today.

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  • This is such a great idea! I love it, to make your own brown sugar! I have to say it has been awhile since I stayed this long on a blog, it is for sure going to be added to my favorites list! Thanks so much for sharing everything and I look forward to reading more.

  • Thank you! I had no idea it was that simple!

  • sue heugly

    I’m always running out of brown sugar..What a great idea.

  • Marcia

    Cool. I knew that but had totally forgotten. Thanks. For the reminder. You might try the white in the blender to make powdered sugar. But then the damsel most likely knew that one too.:)

  • Oh Damsel, how I love you…I’d count the ways, but I too am suffering…from a case of Mother-of-three toddlers-induced PTSD! 🙂 This is wonderful. Thank you for teaching us to not only appreciate but to master the simple things.

  • This is perfect. It is just what I needed today. Thank you!

  • So, the husband and I had a discussion about the healthiness of white over brown sugar (which included wikipedia). We both agree it is more unhealthy than white sugar. You can quote us on that. : )

  • Patricia Bradley

    Love the recipe. I try and find the simple and old recipes to make things myself and not pay double for buying them.

  • This is wonderful! What a great idea to make your own brown suger,i always try to do different recipes.To make my food more healthy and tasty. Thank you for teaching us.This is perfect.

  • You have just answered one of the questions I have had since I was a child, and obviously too lazy to look up!! BROWN SUGAR!!!
    LOVE IT!!! Thanks!!

    • damsel

      Ah, the sweet mysteries of life. Brown sugar! I hate to think of a world without it.

  • You are so cute:-) I love making homemade brown sugar. I too, believe it must be cheaper!

  • How did I miss this one??? I never knew!!!

  • Made this last night…worked like a charm! Thank you!
    .-= Jocelyn´s last blog ..The Great Easter Giveaway: WINNERS! =-.

  • Trimble

    Just did the math:
    25lb white sugar $9.99 (great deal)
    12 fl oz molasses $3.19
    = 93 cents to make 2 lbs

    If brown sugar is on a really good sale you’ll pay about 99 cents for 2 lbs.

  • Whats so nice about this is *if* you happen to be out of brown sugar or you need DARK brown sugar you can make it. I never knew how to do it. I am sure my grandmother did but I didn’t. This is very cool, thank you.

  • wendelly

    this is incredible! I run out all the time or it gets hard on me. What a money saver too. Thank you!

    • thedamselindisdress

      This is one of my favorite posts on the whole blog. Glad you like it!

      Margot (The Damsel)