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The Damsel found this video utterly fascinating. Does it have anything to do with old school skills? Errr, well, um, it talks about ancestors. There ya go.

Human Family Reunion

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  • Tammy Larsen

    Oh, this is too close to home! Some cousins married cousins waaay back when. Thus, bad genes. Yikes!

  • Bwahahah! Okay, there's something about that guy that I find super funny. I just listened to his one on cow tipping as well. HEE-sterical!

  • I have to go back 4 generations. My great-great grandparents were first cousins. I love genealogy, it explains so much about my dad's family…

    I'd heard about the one common ancestor, but wasn't sure what it meant. This video explained it well and entertainingly.

  • My husband and I have a common ancestor 8 generations back. That's far enough that it doesn't matter, but close enough to feel a little creepy.

  • This is awesome…also, I am related to my husband. I didn't know the details of this relation until after we were married. We have the same 6th Great-grandparents. I thought he was descended from one of the "other wives"…but NOPE! Awesome. 😉

  • Amber

    Oh how we are all…..he's my cousin! It's amazing how small this world really is. His name is Brett and like Kimberly said he is hilarious, you really should watch all of his other videos and they are all clean.

  • Well, not related to my husband at least since our families have been in the US (and I go back to Pocahontas days) but my kids have over 700 relatives going back only 2 generations – it will get harder and harder not to marry someone you are sorta related to.
    An Award for You: http://frugalcrunchychristy.blogspot.com/2010/07/

  • our GGGGGGGGG-Grand parents give or take a few generations came over on the same Boat. Can't find where we are directly related, but they were ship mates on the Mayflower. When Mary Chilton's parents died, she lived for a short time with the Aldens and that is as close as we can find.

  • That was hilarious! But something I really don't want to consider when I am kissing my sweet husband at night. But very funny…interesting…whatevah!