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The Damsel couldn’t help watching this video when she saw the title. This is about a guy who makes knives and other things the old school way.  Sound interesting? Check it…

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  • This was really inspiring to watch…LOVE it! Off to go check out his Etsy shop…thanks for posting!

  • My boys would be in heaven :).

  • I really wish I had the talent to do things like this, although, I would probably choose to make violins or something along the music lines. We have someone in our family who makes knives. My brothers all have some and I guess he is pretty well known. I think it is a great art!

    • the_damsel

      It would be fantastic to know how to make a violin…or a knife.

  • I love your tips on air fresheners and egg freshness! I will come back for more! I love these kinds of tips!

  • By the way I found you through Blog Frog!

  • My daughter would love this -sending her the link –

  • That was really interesting. I think what i loved most was their lifestyle. The older I get the more I feel like escaping the city life and raising my girls in a peaceful place.

    • the_damsel

      I feel exactly the same way! I really wanna head for the hills.

  • intentionalfamily

    Luckily we're already way out in the country! One of our multigenerational family members is actually going to blacksmith school so he can be our old school toolmaker/farrier. Ahhhhhh I love your blog!

    • the_damsel

      I'm so glad you like it! Come back soon.

  • Going to be married in November. Have to cross the pond for it from Germany to Florida. Enjoyed reading your advice and couldnt agree more. I gonna fight naked 😉 I have quoted you at our blog. I hope I remember half of the advice in due time 😉

  • You amaze me with all the features you find. My daughter just said, "Are you ever going to make a knife?" and I said "no." Then she said, "why are you watching this? You are just wasting time," And I thought about her watching a zombie movie on Saturday night, I didn't say anything because I'm nice that way but if she starts to stager or get green I'm out of here.

    • damsel

      teehee! If you only knew how to make your own knives, you could protect yourself against zombies. Just sayin.