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make your own fake snow

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The Damsel is giggling about this post, because currently the Cottage by the Mountains is in deep. There’s a crazy lotta snow here, and to make fake snow is a bit funny right now.

**not the Cottage**

But! We’re talking about snow for decorating inside the house, not to pad the ski runs.

Whoops! The Damsel caught herself giggling again, because when she looks up information on how to make fake snow, people keep talking about using disposable diapers. Yes. You read that correctly. You viciously tear into one, getting the fluffy stuff from the inside.

Hold the phone. The Damsel thinks you know this, but let’s be perfectly clear. We’re talking about UNUSED disposable diapers here.

Put the stuff into a bowl and add a little water. The magic thing in disposable diapers that absorbs moisture is called sodium polyacrylate. When it gets wet, it turns into little beads. Many mothers have observed this phenomenon. Dribble water until the stuff doubles in size. If you like a more slushy-looking fake snow, add a little more water.

The Damsel has heard you can even buy this sodium polyacrylate from certain garden stores, since they use it in planting mixes to help it retain moisture. This way, you don’t have to vandalize a diaper.

Then there are soap flakes, or potato flakes. Sprinkle those around if you dare. Other folks even put white plastic bags through the shredder, for a fairly fake look. Still others make a whipped mixture of soap flakes, liquid starch, and food coloring, but that method makes the Damsel tired.

It ain’t that hard to make the Damsel tired in December.

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  • You’ve got the answer to every thing, even a White Christmas in the south where snow rarely appears, lol!

    • donna

      I’m from south east London, I’m hosting a frozen party for my daughter and think I will pop to the supermarket and purchase some nappies and give this a go. Does it dry fluffy or is it only fluffy when wet? I might add silver glitter to the crystals before I add the water. Regards Donna.

      • thedamselindisdress

        You know, it’s been a long time since I tried this. I believe it remains fluffy after it dries. Maybe try a little as a test first and see what happens.

  • Jennifer

    I have to admit, that’s clever… BUT… Have you run into those jell things from diapers when the get wet?? That is a terrible mess and VERY difficult to clean up. Do you know something I don’t??? Cuz, i certainly don’t have a lack of diapers around here.

    • damsel

      I know! I have to admit I haven’t tried it since the sprog have rebelled against diapers ever since they were ten. (err. Just kidding.) But I remember that stuff being all weird and hard to clean up. But seriously, when I was looking this up, that’s what everyone said they used. Hmmm.

  • Damsel, most of us are indeed tired for the whole of December. Were I to make fake snow using one of your above methods, which will do the least damage to my cat when he inevitably eats some?

    • Dangit why is commentluv hating on me these days? Does Damsel have a technology cohort that can instruct me? Commentluv is pointing to my image gallery and not to my posts on multiple sites (i.e. it’s not just an Old School issue).

  • damsel

    The info I looked up says the diaper stuff is nontoxic since babies might eat it. haha yuck. I doubt the potato flakes would hurt the kitty either. Not so sure about the soap flakes.

    As for Comment luv…I don’t know what’s up with that crazy thing. Half the time it doesn’t work at all.

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  • I am cracking up. I had to read this post out loud to hubby, it was so funny! My very last baby just FINALLY got out of diapers (at age 4.. no criticizing please) and we have all these extra diapers to vandalize… we might have a party…

  • I think the people that say use disposable diapers perhaps were not parent themselves?