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new babies

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Yes, a blissful event has occurred at the Cottage by the Mountains.

New babies! Four of them!

No, the Damsel hasn’t added to her stash of sprogs, although she DOES have two grandsprogs on the way. (Pardon while the Damsel recovers from getting completely sidetracked for a moment about that happy thought.)

On the contrary, these are baby chickens. The Damsel has joined the growing number of people who raise backyard chickens and the whole family is a-cluck about it.

Goodness! They’re so cute and chirpy.

The Old School will be receiving regular updates on this quintessentially old school practice of raising chickens. All that has been required after one whole day, is:

  1. find a large laundry tub and put in a layer of wood shavings–the same kind used for hamsters, etc.
  2. fill two feeders, one with water, one with baby chicken feed
  3. install a heat lamp to keep the temperature in the tub at about 80 degrees (the nice lady at the chicken baby store told us you start them at 90 degrees, then decrease by 5 degrees each week. These babies are 2 weeks old)
  4. insert the chicks. **snicker
  5. Watch them, pet them, and listen to them peep.

So far so good.

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  • Love the "recipe" for new chicks! I've been contemplating raising a few myself, but don't think they'd get along well with the cats….looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  • Erica

    So fun!!!!!

  • Totally agree! We bought 25 last September and are now enjoying the eggs from said chicks! Four of them turned out to be roosters though, they will become dinner. We love the chickens. They are a lot of work, but also a lot of joy in raising your own and know what they are fed. I don't have to worry about hormones or anything else. Have fun!! We are actually thinking about getting a milk goat next!!

    • the_damsel

      Yay! I want a milk goat too.

  • Love the chicks! We just moved to the country a few months ago and order our chicks in February. We are picking them up on Friday (20ish) ! We are so excited! We have read book after book and visited several websites on chicken raising. ♥♥ baby fluffy chicks ♥♥

  • Raising chickens is so IN this season! πŸ™‚

  • Adorable! Stumbled πŸ™‚

  • how wonderful! Did you get those from Your Sprouselet?

    • the_damsel

      Yes…quite a birthday present, eh?

  • Adorable! Baby chicks are one of my favorite signs of spring!

  • How exciting! We had really planned on getting our own babies this year but hubby got cold feet so we have put it on hold til next spring.

  • the_damsel

    I'm totally psyched! We are hoping to buy a couple of adult chickens soon too, since I'm not patient enough to wait clear till October when these babies will be old enough to lay.

  • We have 7 chickens in our backyard. They are so much fun to watch. We are enjoying having them. I have curb my urge to get more though. πŸ™‚ There is a site called BackyardChickens.com that has a lot of great information. They also have threads for different areas around the country so you can connect with others near you who have BYC. The girls are learning a lot from our chickens from responsibility to being calm to patience. They really are great. I have several posts up on the blog about them. What kind do you have?

  • We just got four chicks as well–they are almost “teenagers” and are getting pretty gangly and awkward. I look forward to hearing your tips and tricks!

    • Anonymous

      Oh, so you are ahead of us by a bit. Now I know who to go to for advice!