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Painting or repainting a room is a good old fashioned skill, and one of the very first steps in the process sometimes gets folks bogged down. Math and stuff, you know.

The Damsel understands this deeply. There’s more than one reason she majored in music–one reason being you only have to count up to four, most of the time. She knows her strengths.

So if you’re going to paint something, you must face the chore of figuring out how much paint to buy. There are two easy ways to avoid a paint-calculating migraine.

Way #1. Measure your room. Write down the measurements, go to a paint store, and put yourself at their mercy.

Way #2. Measure your room, and plug the numbers into the handy calculator found at this website: Paint Calculator

This site will even help you figure out weird shaped rooms, sloping walls or other headache-inducing variables.

Way #2 is especially good if you have paint hanging around you’d like to use, but you aren’t sure if you have enough. The Damsel approves of using up paint from other projects. Grandma would have said, “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

So you can feel extra smug about using the paint calculator for this purpose. Go ahead. The Damsel says it’s okay.


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  • I wish I knew this 3 years ago when I painted every room in my house! šŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      eeek! How did you figure it out?

  • What a wonderful tool. I’m always at the mercy of the guy at the paint store, but I always wonder if they are trying to sell me too much. Thanks! Stumbled from BF.

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was pretty cool too! Hope it comes in handy.

  • That is so cool. My husband always “ball parks it” and we either have not enough or too much….MEN.

    I will not tell him about this, but I will be really cool next time we paint,lol.

    • Anonymous

      let me know how it goes.

  • Mimi

    If you have any samples of colors you like, take it to the store where you’re going to get your paint and they’ll be able to match it almost exactly as well!

  • What a great tool! I may have painting in my future, so I will remember this.

    • Anonymous

      Let me know how it goes!

  • Anonymous

    While the math teacher side of me was looking forward to some meaty calculations when clicking this link, I do have to admit these tools are handy! I use a calculator when doing all of my fun maths stuff, so why not entertain the idea of a paint calculator?!

    As for the using what you’ve got – I have to say I don’t know what happened when we bought paint for our basement den (well, I think we used “way #1” back then), but, the thing is, we now have a missing kitchen! The question is – which room is next?! (There’s still more paint!!)

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha! I have two math teacher friends and they are the same way! Love it!