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how to shorten jeans

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People come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes, well, the jeans are too long.

The Damsel takes note that length isn’t the only thing that can be wrong with jeans.

Being a Child of the Seventies, the Damsel wears jeans a lot, mostly because they are comfortable. These, however, look painful. Will everything be okay if this person tries to sit down?

On the other hand, the Damsel doesn’t understand these jeans at all.  Can someone explain it to her? You can earn Old School extra credit.

If all your jeans lack is the right length, the Damsel has a great tutorial for you. If you’ve ever hemmed jeans before, you know it can be tricky. The fabric is thick and hard to work with. Plus, once you’re done, the hem doesn’t look like a “regular” jeans hem. To solve that, the Damsel points the way to this fantastic jeans hemming tutorial: Altering Jeans Length.

You’ll want to visit this site for the step-by-step directions, with great photos. Notice the resulting “storebought” hem.

With Ashley holding your hand, you’ll have those jeans the right length in no time.

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  • As usual, you made me smile Damsel. I don’t wear jeans very often because I look like the one of the first two pictures and don’t find them very comfortable but that end result did look very storebought!

  • Since I am also a child of the 70’s, I do wear jeans a lot. I often had the opposite problem though, the infamous high-water issue. Whenever I lengthened them, I’d end up with fade lines where the hem used to be…

  • Mimi

    I’ve never hemmed jeans before. I have the opposite problem. I need Longs and have the hardest time finding them!

  • I’m only 5’2…  it’s practically impossible to find jeans that actually fit me.  Hemming happens a lot for me!

    • Anonymous

      You must be a pro at it! Any tricks?

  • Lori

    This is genius.  Thank you!!
    -came over from tipnut for the sugar dispenser.  Glad I poked around before I left.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Lori! I hope you’ll come back often.

  • Lori

    This is genius.  Thank you!!
    -came over from tipnut for the sugar dispenser.  Glad I poked around before I left.

  • Kristl Story

    Whew…this is when I’m thankful that I’m 5’8″ and hemming is never on my to-do list!

    • Anonymous

      Yup. Everyone at my house is tall or even “freaky tall” so we’re just hoping to find those great long inseams.

  • I remember in one of my fashion design sewing classes (we were learning how to make jeans) laughing with ridicule at one of my classmates who was obsessing about making sure the hem of his $1500 store-bought jeans would look “right” after being hemmed.  This was during the same time that a town had been wiped out by a tornado or something and I’m thinking to myself that there were more important things to worry about.  Since I was earning my custom clothing certificate, he asked me what my secret to hemming jeans was.  I told him it was simple: I buy my “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” at Nordstroms  (they are the only ones that fit and I love them!) and have the alterations department do it for me (for free).

    I must admit that it wasn’t very nice of me but the dude paid $1500 for a pair of jeans that looked exactly like my husband’s $25 Classic Wranglers after he’s worn them to work for a year.

    • Anonymous

      l love your solution! Free alterations for the win!

      $1500? Seriously?

      • Yep, seriously.  He got booted out of the program, though, shortly after the conversation about the jeans.  He spent so much time going to clubs and being a spoiled rich boy toy that he failed to do things like, oh, turn in assignments and other such minor things.