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The Damsel worked hard to think of how this idea could be called Old School. She came up with:

1. it’s cheap, and in the olden days, people loved making something cool without spending a lot of cash

2.  it uses up something that might otherwise be thrown away

3.  it took only a speck of time, reserving that precious commodity for other Old Schoolish pursuits

First, a confession. The Damsel is a Halloween grinch. She thinks it’s a silly holiday, and only barely convinces herself to put up with it. She doesn’t like to be scared, and dressing little children up like icky dead cheerleaders and such has never been her bag. And then there’s the whole thing about sending these children out door to door, begging candy, with the threat of nasty tricks if the person doesn’t comply.

Seriously. The Damsel gets it that it’s all in fun, and she actually likes costumes and such. She’s acquired a live-and-let-live policy on Halloween.

To each his own.

The Damsel’s sprog have somehow grown up in spite of the grinchyness, being forced all their lives to dress up like superheroes or cowboys or gypsies or other non-dead things. They’ve survived the madness that is their mother.

So, enjoy those witch finger cookies, all! Gobble them right up. And here’s a fun, easy idea for lanterns for your Halloween porch.

Take a glow stick, such as you buy at the dollar store, and an empty glass jar.

Cut the glow stick so that the magic liquid inside the glow stick drips into the jar. The Damsel found it a little hard to cut through but not too bad. Careful if you use a knife, though.

The liquid isn’t dangerous, as far as the Damsel is aware, but try to get all the liquid inside the jar. The more, the better.

Put the lid on and shake so the liquid spreads over the inside of the jar.

The Damsel took the jar into the bathroom, (the only room with no windows and therefore dark) shut the door, and took this picture.

Cool! Make a few of these and set them on your porch. The pretty little princesses and dead football players will love it.

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  • Jdaniel4smom

    These look spooky! What fun!

  • Krista

    Love it!

  • Simply awesome. 

  • Anonymous

    I love this! SO much cooler than any ordinary glow stick!!!

  • Carol

    I’m glad to know the liquid isn’t dangerous.  Mila chewed on her glow stick until it burst in her mouth last summer. I’m sure it wasn’t the smartest choice, but her glow-in-the-dark mouth was pretty hilarious…after I stopped freaking out that she’d turned radioactive.

  • What a GREAT idea! I have a ton of these. I will get the kids to do it. Time to save jars – I have a little time.

    • Anonymous


      The kids should have fun doing it. It seems sorta magic!

  • Kristl

    You are so, so clever my frugal friend!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Kristl!


  • I’m a Halloween grinch, too.  I used to enjoy it when I was still a schoolteacher (because I could send the kids home after they got their sugar high from all of the candy at the school party) but not so much anymore. 

    I’m loving this idea and think I will use it for Christmas luminarias.

    • Anonymous

      Glad I’m not the only grinch in town! I love your luminaries idea.

  • Ann2brigid

    Very cool !  I love your ingenuity !

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Ann!

  • how long does it last?

    • thedamselindisdress

      When I tried it, it lasted 2-3 hours.

      Thanks for visiting!
      Margot (The Damsel)