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Maybe you’re like the Damsel was before she saw the light. Maybe you think there is something magical that makes peanuts into peanut butter–some special process taking elaborate equipment and people in white overalls. And that “natural” peanut butter, costing approximately $123456789, is something even more complicated to make.

Gather close, dear students, and the Damsel will show you the truth.

It’s easy to make your own peanut butter. All you need is:

  • peanuts (The Damsel was striving for a Jiffy-like result, so she used roasted, salted peanuts, but you can use any type you like)
  • oil (vegetable or peanut oil; olive oil may taste off)
  • something to puree it, like a food processor

That’s it.

Acquire two cups of shelled peanuts. Tedium Alert: Shelling your own takes time. When the Damsel first attempted this, scavengers ate the peanuts as fast as she could shell them.

This got less and less fun, and she at last resorted to child labor in the form of her adorable nieces who just happened by at the right time. One must shell a goodly amount of peanuts to yield 2 cups.

Put the peanuts, along with about a teaspoon of oil, into a food processor with the blade in place. Crank it up and let it go for a couple of minutes or until you’ve achieved the smoothness level you’re looking for. The Damsel loves crunchy peanut butter. In case you were wondering.

You may need to scrape the sides of the food processor and have another go, although the Damsel did no such thing. If it seems too thick, add a bit more oil, but the Damsel begs you to do so in very small increments. It’s easy to get too much.

Depending on how badly you want to duplicate “store” peanut butter, keep in mind that commercial crunchy peanut butter is made by adding chopped peanuts to creamy-style peanut butter. This detail may be lost once it’s between two pieces of bread. Your mileage may vary.

Yield: about a cup.

You just made peanut butter! It’s that easy. Your celery can now be filled properly.

Keep it in the fridge, since it’s got no nasty preservatives. You may or may not need to stir it a bit before using.


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  • Elaine

    And, if you add a touch of molasses – think the PB centers of Reese’s PB cups 🙂 sooo good!

    • Anonymous

      Ooo I’m going to try that!

  • NatureGirl

    Ha ha…that is so funny. When I first showed my kids how to do it…they thought the same thing…THIS is all that is in peanut butter!? Luckily two of my favorite grocery stores in town have grind your own PB and Almond butter machines, but I like this idea too!

    • Anonymous

      I wish we had a store like that!

      • Carol

        Smiths Marketplace! WinCo!

  • I love peanut butter when it is really creamy. Never thought that making this well known sandwich spread is as easy as 1-2-3

  • Rockymento

    My dearest Damsel! I love you.

    I do not like peanut butter! I would try this with a Max or a Fitz or a Xavey, but dear Damsel, try as you may…I just cannot try it on me!


    Your BFF who does not like PB


    • Anonymous

      oh yeah…I’d forgotten about that. Do you like nutella?

  • Carol

    The peanut butter was yummy! -Gracia
    I love you. -Elena
    Let’s make peanut butter again soon. -Mila

    • Anonymous

      Love you guys! I hope we can hang out and play soon. My chickens need kisses! Love,
      Auntie Em

  • Ohmigosh! Cant wait to try this!! 🙂 

    • Anonymous

      Yay! Let me know how you like it!

  • Everyone love peanut butter plus a jelly would make it even more yummy with hot toasted bread.

  • I have no idea that the ingredients are easy enough to be found and the procedure too quick and easy. Can’t wait to do it now!

    • Yes, and as you can see, you can do it along with your kids. Fresh peanuts much better and taste even more better

  • Eatlivelaughshop

    Yum!  I’m now starving!!  I will try this. 

  • Karyn

    Great post!  I have been wanting to try this!

  • Love it! So easy!

  • Kristl Story

    The Budget Diet girl approves!  

  • me

    I’ve got an awesome blender (vitamix) but I’ve never tried making peanut butter.  Always figured it would get gooped up on the sides and not blend well.  My parents gave me some dates they were given as a gift though and I’m thinking they would be a great sweetner to add to some homemade peanut butter.  Might have to try it since you made it look so easy.

    • Anonymous

      Yum! That sounds super good. Let me know if you try it.

  • Mary

    Do you know about how long this will keep in the fridge? We are a small family and aren’t huge peanut butter eaters, but we do eat it. So if I make some up, it’ll probably take some time for us to eat it all up!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know for sure, but the peanut butter I made the day I posted that is still good…still in my fridge, and seems perfectly fine. Margot (The Damsel)

  • DJ

    My kids grew up making home made peanut butter on occasion, with an ancient hand-crank meatgrinder I got newly boxed in a flea market for $1.50.   It had many attachments, one of which was labeled “Nut Butter.”   We also made cashew butter, almond butter and pecan butter!  Your way is less retro, but our way was pretty damn fun!

  • thank you.

  • JDMcHenry

    I can’t wait to try this. Does it end up being A LOT cheaper? It seems like it would over the kind we use.