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Once upon a time, when you wanted to buy some meat for your family, you went to the butcher shop.

Things were a little more compartmentalized back then. There were no such things as super-mega-marts that sell everything under the sun. There were cobblers, and chandlers (candle-makers), and millers, and tailors, and yes, butchers.

The Damsel remembers as a child being taken to visit Great Aunt Hazel, who worked as a butcher. She wore her hair in a towering red beehive, and had a wonderfully big, husky laugh. She seemed a little bit scary in her red-streaked apron, wielding her giant cleaver.

Beehive hairdos are alarming, aren’t they?

You may be surprised to know that butcher shops still exist in most areas, if you take the time to search them out. You may find, as the Damsel has, that they have good prices and high quality. Check out this bacon:

Bacon this amazing would be super expensive in the grocery store, but from the butcher shop, it’s pretty reasonable. In order to get the good price, one has to buy it 10 pounds at a time, but since bacon freezes so well, that’s no problem.

The Damsel simply puts a couple pounds each of this nice, thick bacon into ziplock bags. Then she dreams of the deliciousness that is to come. Most people agree there’s really nothing quite like the smell of bacon cooking. (try baking it…it works great. Here’s how: bakin’ bacon)

At the Damsel’s favorite butcher shop, there’s more than good deals on bacon. There are roasts, steaks, sausage, and pretty much any carnivorous thing you hanker for. So look up “butcher” or “meat market” in your town, and you may be surprised at how much you like buying meat old school style.

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  • And it supports the small business owner as well. Win win all around. Now I want bacon.

    • Anonymous

      I know, right? If you click through to the “bakin’ bacon” post, you’ll see a funny “push button, receive bacon” thing. Because there is never enough bacon. Never.

  • Natalie

    e moved to the country a year ago and I found a local butcher. The meat is way cheaper and better than store bought and because we are a large family(10) we buy bulk and so he gives us our meat at wholesale pricing. Can’t beat that. So, we get to eat plenty meat and it does not cost us a fortune.

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly!

  • We have a wonderful butcher at our local year round farmer’s market.  My favorite part is that I can ask all kinds of questions and they take the time to answer and well actually have an answer!  Like “I want to make this for dinner what cut do you suggest?”  They actually know the answer!

    • Anonymous

      I need one of those! The thing about mine is that he isn’t super close, so he’s not handy for my everyday questions.

  • I call the guys at the meat market my “butcher boyfriends.”  The owner is youngish (about 50…the same age as me so it is classified as youngish) and the other guys are all about 150 or so years old.  But they still flirt like the best of them!  I get over there about once a month and stock up on meat, poultry and their Amish bacon (and there is no minimum on the bacon but I buy enough to freeze).  The difference between their service and knowledge and the guys at the supermarket (and that they try to make “select” sound like it is good quality) is like night and day.  As Erin said in her comment, I take a bunch of recipes I want to try with me and they help me pick out the perfect cuts for each of them.

    Can you tell I love these guys?? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Oh man! I want a butcher boyfriend!

  • I used to buy meat in halves, but now I grow my own. Grocery store meat can’t compete.

    • Anonymous

      Lucky you! Wish I had enough land to do that.

  • Kristyan Williams

    What butcher do you go to? I’ve been looking for a good one.

    • Anonymous

      Art is the one who goes and he doesn’t remember the name, silly man. He says it is about 2600 S. Main in Salt Lake.