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The Damsel was so taken with the easiness of regrowing green onions that she reached out to the universe and found out there are other things you can do with produce trimmings besides compost them. (Click here for green onion instructions)

You can regrow celery. Amazing.

Imagine here a photo of the bottom of a bunch of celery, trimmed off as usual, maybe three inches or so from the root end. Imagine it sitting in a little dish of water. Now you have, in your mind’s eye, the photo the Damsel assumed she had for you but has utterly failed to produce.

The next time you buy celery, try this. Cut it off the root end, stick it in a dish of water, and in just a few days, you’ll see little celery leaves starting to grow. Keep adding water as needed, but don’t fuss.





After a week to ten days, you can plant it, either in a pot in your kitchen window or outside, if the weather’s nice. Just stick it in dirt.


The Damsel is waiting to find out whether stalks will grow, or just leaves. But she feels pretty happy about the whole situation, especially since she happens to like the leaves quite a lot for cooking. She’s always felt that in stalk form, celery’s main purpose on this planet is to carry dip to one’s mouth.

It’s nice to be useful.


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  • Jamie

    Now I’ll have to decide whether to make stock with my produce trimmings, which is what I usually do, or plant them! This is fun….

    • thedamselindisdress

      I know, right? Let me know if it works for you.
      Margot (The Damsel)

  • And I couldn’t believe you actually thought of PRODUCING celery–that awful stuff you always picked out of your food!

    • thedamselindisdress

      but I LOVE the leaves in soups, etc.
      –your adoring daughter/damsel

  • Love it! I’m eagerly awaiting my green onions – planted in eggshells. Posted a pic of the planting – on facebook – and someone called it voodoo. Ha!

    • thedamselindisdress

      Yay! Love that kind of voodoo.
      Margot (The Damsel)

  • Brian

    I discovered this by accident. I threw the celery cuttings along with everything else into the garden to till in. It rained and a couple days later little celery leaves were peaking through the ground. That was last December, now I have little stalks of celery. I have a hard time growing celery here in Phoenix, but this is actually working!!

    • thedamselindisdress

      That would get me stoked, seeing that growing in the garden all by itself. Did you say you have actual little stalks? Hope so! Mine only has leaves so far. Hoping for stalks. 🙂
      Margot (The Damsel)

  •  http://www.gardenswag.com/2011/12/5-foods-you-can-grow-from-kitchen-scraps/

    also works with tomatoes…. just chuck them in the compost and wait.

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  • seawind

    Found this article through Pinterest, and wondered whether the celery kept growing? It’s September now, and I might try this next spring if it works. I think your blog is great.

    • thedamselindisdress

      It did keep growing although a bit strangely. Instead of forming a central stalk, it grew several small single stalks. Still tasted good though! I’m going to try planting it outside in the garden next time and see if that works any differently.
      Margot (The Damsel)