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old school stove

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Sometimes older is better.

Someday, this old school oven shall preside over the Damsel’s kitchen. From this angle, she can see no down side. Someday. Someday.

Anyone have any info on whether this exists in the real world, or is only found in old-fashioned dreams?

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  • Denise

    It looks like an Aga cooker to me, that classic, beloved stove found in old-fashioned English kitchens. They feature prominently in my favorite mysteries. 😉 They do indeed exist, but you’ll have to realllly want one, because they cost a fortune. (Upon consulting google, this looks like the updated version of the cooker: the Aga range). Only about 7 grand, no big deal. 😉

    • thedamselindisdress

      7 grand? WOW. Thanks for looking that up for me!

      Margot (The Damsel)

  • There’s a company that refurbishes these old stoves. My not be this exact type, but it is done. Google it, and if I can find the link, I will provide it

  • S

    There is a brand that makes modern stoves with antique lines I saw once on HGTV. Looked up the name – Elmira Stoveworks

    • thedamselindisdress

      Thanks! I’ll check that out.

      Margot (The Damsel)

  • Kristy

    Damsel you have reached into my dreams and found the perfect stove… Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.

    • thedamselindisdress

      I know right? It’s … amazing. **covet**

      Margot (The Damsel)

  • Erica H

    This range is sold at Williams-Sonoma. La Cornue CornuFé Stove, Gloss Black It is a dream stove with a price tag to match – $8,000 and up.

  • Jenny

    Does the food come with it?