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A few days ago, the Damsel posted an interesting infographic on preparedness. (See THIS post) Pretty amazing, and for most people, a bit overwhelming. The Damsel received this thoughtful reply and wanted to pass it along to you. (with permission)

“This friend of the Damsel found this plan fascinating and exhaustING!  and feels that the sanest form of preparedness is what my friends and I call “provident living.”  This means that we prepare thoughtfully for future emergencies without excessive focus on fearful events.  If we know how do to the necessities “old school” style, and live closer to the earth in practical ways, storing what we eat and eating what we store, we will be better able to cope with various disruptions in the world as we now know it.
This matrix has a lot of elements of fear and extreme changes, and it is both entertaining and anxiety-making to contemplate. But as for me, I cannot live happily if I am always imagining the scary future.  I have to live mostly with the demands of today. Not to be overly pious, but honestly, are not the evils of any given day sufficient thereunto? (Matt 6:34) I subscribe to the philosophy, “if you are prepared you shall not fear.”
This prepper plan would take the dedication of an absorbing hobby–using a lot of time and a lot of money.  But I have printed it and will put it in my binder for a time when I have a little extra of both, because it is so very complete.
Love your writing.

Carolyn McDonald”

Thank you, Carolyn. The Damsel appreciates your point of view and common sense.

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  • Andrea

    Now, this I can handle! I am going to save the more complicated one and chip away at the elements that work for my family. Thanks!

    • thedamselindisdress

      I’m excited to hear this. Thanks for the comment!

      Margot (The Damsel)