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measuring honey

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Honey. An old-fashioned and yummy ingredient if there ever was one.

If you have to measure honey for a recipe, do you draw a deep sigh? It’s going to be messy. Sticky. Gloppy. And then it’s going to stick to the measuring cup, and  the full measure of honey won’t get into the recipe. If there are kids in the house who have used the honey jar, just touching it takes courage. Opening it sometimes requires a superhero, with the lid all stuck tight.

It’s enough to make you want to bag the whole thing and take a lie-down.

Here are the Damsel’s tips for less stress when measuring honey:

  • If the recipe also uses oil, measure it first, then the honey in the same measuring cup. The oil will help the honey slide right out.
  • Or, spray the measuring cup with cooking spray for the same general result. (Use these methods for measuring syrup, too.)
  • Commit to yourself that you will wipe down the honey jar Every Single Time you use it. The Damsel buys honey in ridiculously large containers and then transfers some into a quart jar to keep in the kitchen cupboard, and she makes herself wipe off the jar rings and rinse the cap with hot water Every Single Time. This way she actually manages to open the jar all by herself most days, although she still welcomes superheros into her kitchen.

Also, the Damsel often nukes the quart jar for several seconds to make the honey pour into the measuring cup more readily. She hates waiting. (Take the metal cap off first)


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