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Something wonderful happened at the Cottage by the Mountains.

You may know that the Damsel also writes fiction. Her first novel was published last year, and she’s been working on a sequel for like, forever. But here’s news: the sequel, tentatively entitled Glimmer of Light, has been accepted for publication. A spring release is planned.

The Damsel has been dancing ever since she heard! So happy…and in celebration, she’s holding a giveaway of the first novel, Sudden Darkness. You can read a little about the book here, on Amazon. Click!

Entering is simple. Just comment. Tell us your favorite old-school skill or trick, whether one you read here or one of your own. That’s all you must do.

The giveaway will run until Oct. 1. U.S. residents only, please. If you subscribe by email, please click through to the website to leave a comment. Thank you!

Sudden Darkness

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  • Cindy W.

    I’m sitting here, trying to think of a clever reply so I can be entered for the giveaway (already have the ebook, and have read it too). I’m going in my mind through all the things my mom taught us growing up. Seeing that I was raised in Portugal, in 80/90s, you’d think I’d have something good to share, but I can’t think of any old school tricks. Very frustrating. In any case, I’m really looking forward to the sequel.

  • jocelyn

    Im your biggest fan…you gotta pick me!..popcorn on the stove and how to make brown sugar!!

  • Audrey

    My favorite Old-School trick is the DIY drain cleaner with baking soda+vinegar. Cheap and effective!

  • Former Long Haired Hippy Hack

    My favorite Damsel trick is how you turned a long haired hippy hack into a fairly decent writer.

  • Maren McCall

    Congrats! That’s wonderful! Tough to choose a favorite trick… I love vinegar and baking soda in all their wonderful stand-alones and combos!

  • Watchmom

    This is so exciting! We are thrilled for you! God bless and may it sell like crazy!

  • Beth Hughes

    I have lots of old school tricks, but I love the vinegar cup of death for fruit flies. I’ve been making it lots for the past month.

  • Peggy

    I loved your canning posts, especially the salsa one, and running the tomatoes through the Kitchen Aid meat grinder…that works great! Would love a copy of your book!

  • Abby A.

    My favorite old school trick is making granola bars from scratch. I love them!

  • LA Adams

    Congrates! Our favorite family old school trick is the fluffy pancakes! Can’t make enough versus the packaged kind.

  • Meari ..

    Me! Me! I really like the cheat sheet… it came in handy when I received a recipe from a friend in India.

  • Kristy L

    I love all of your lessons, but one of my favorites was how to make your own sour cream. With that and a recipe on how to make a copycat Lipton Onion Soup Mix, my life is complete.

  • Lindzee

    I have no old school tricks, I’m afraid. But your book sounds fabulous!

  • Robin B

    I did your Mason jar salt pouring trick yesterday. Easy and fun!

  • Muum

    Congrats! I really enjoy your blog. I think it would be hard to pick a fave………… I think the egg freezing post has got to be tops! 🙂

  • Lisa Swinton

    I think I’m confused about an old school trick. I’m not sure I have one. Maybe, everything is better when you have a warm home made chocolate chip cookie in your hand. And for those who require milk with cookies, a tall glass to go with it. Seems like whenever a crummy day rears it’s ugly head, a batch of cookies can provide that needed lift.
    Cover looks awesome! Congratulations!

  • CC

    I think I remember best your post on conditioning and oiling cast iron cookware. 🙂 Can’t wait for more of your books!