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revive your mascara

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The Damsel loves a new tube of mascara. There’s something so nice about the way it goes on, smooth and–well, black.  It gives the Damsel a hopeful feeling that maybe even she can put on a decent coat of mascara, despite her fashion handicaps.

Everything goes along well for a while–a month, perhaps–and then things begin to get sticky, clumpy, globby. You know how they say you should replace your mascara every three months? The Damsel wants to do the right thing, but is it a crime to go four months?

Oh yeah, mascara is old school. The Egyptians were said to use it back in 4000 BC. Some say the stuff was made of soot mixed with crocodile dung. Neat!

It’s super old school to get the most out of your stuff, and while the Damsel isn’t advocating putting your eyes at risk by extending a tube of mascara way past its time, here’s a trick to make it behave better and longer.

When you begin your getting-ready transformation, fill a cup or glass with the hottest water that will come out of your tap. Put your mascara tube in the glass and continue onward with hair, face, etc. Ten or more minutes later, you end off with your now warm and obedient mascara.

The warmth from the water softens the mascara, making it nice again–almost like new. This method not guaranteed to work with crocodile dung, however.

It’s nice to know about a trick that is so easy and free–and in the Damsel’s opinion, very effective.

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  • Ooh, this sounds like the perfect, thrifty trick for someone who is slightly mascara impaired, like me! I’ll try this tomorrow…or the next day I wear mascara. Thanks, Damsel!

  • mktxsis

    So much better than adding stuff to it. This tip doesn’t risk contaminating the mascara. Another tip (might seem counterproductive) is to wipe off the brush thoroughly at least once a week. If you do it AFTER you apply, you won’t lose so much mascara. But it removes loose hairs, lint, and clumps from the brush. I got that tip from Robert Jones, a makeup artist who used to do looks for Mary Kay Cosmetics.

    • thedamselindisdress

      Great idea! I’m doing this.

      Margot (The Damsel)