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Email the Damsel at mhovley at gmail dot com for a personal reply.

The Damsel lives with her Knight in Shining Armor in a Cottage by the Mountains. She has seven sprogs, three of whom are married. She has five grandsprogs and she’s pretty darn happy about it.

Left in the nest: a couple of teenagers and a twelve year old. Another is serving an LDS mission in Michigan.

A good hunk of her old-schooling came from her mom and grandmother. The Damsel loves antiques, old-fashioned stuff, and little old ladies. She hopes you’ll fall in love like she did.

The Damsel keeps a diary-type journal at http://elle-cosette.livejournal.com and a separate blog for her musings on writing at Inklings. See ya over there!

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  • Miette

    so, are we gonna some awesome canning posts this summer too? oh I hope so! my orchard up to the challenge!

  • Momonine

    Love this idea! I have a few of my own I could share. . .

  • ev

    An idea: How to save eggs for those of us that have chickens. Last year I stirred them together and froze the mixture in ice trays. I’m still using them (2.5 of my cubes/egg). You can also separate and put with salt/sugar. etc. I’ve never done it with isinglass (sp?)

  • dyno

    This is off topic, but… I’d love to know where you got your watchband and a watch that fits it. I have a similar silver and turquoise band and can’t find a replacement watch to fit the band.

    I appreciate your freezing tips. Any ideas on storing garden potatoes without a root cellar?

    • damsel

      I love that watch! But it’s just a bit of nothing, picked up at Target. I’m looking for a new band for it myself as one of the links is semi-broken. So you could try looking at Target. It was not much money. As for the potatoes, the only thing you can really do is keep them cold and dark…above freezing, but the colder the better. If you grew them yourself, you can leave them in the ground until you need them, until the ground starts to freeze (which doesn’t happen for quite a while in a lot of areas).

  • Ames36

    Hey Damsel! You have a fabulous voice to your blog! I am living in MI right now and may know your son serving here. I live in Grand Rapids. Thanks for the tips on jam making! 

    • Anonymous

      Cool that you are in Michigan! My son hasn’t been in Grand Rapids yet, but maybe soon. He is in Traverse City right now. I got to visit Grand Rapids a few years ago when I went along with my husband and the Tabernacle Choir on tour. I just couldn’t get over how green everything was.

  • Jennifer

    Hiya Damsel! Love this blog and have been reading for over a year. I was wondering if you knew how to use real potatoes to make instant mashed potatoes. I have a few theories, but would love a lesson 🙂

    • Anonymous

      What a good idea! I’ll look into it.

    • Anonymous

      It looks like a few people have tried it, by dehydrating potatoes and then grinding them. Sort of mixed results…some people had trouble getting it to turn out nice and smooth. Are you brave? Want to try it? If you do, let me know, ok? Margot (The Damsel)

  • Karen

    Are you on Pinterest????  I love your blog 🙂

  • lorraine

    love your blog, keep up the good work,

  • Sandy

    Good Morning Damsel.

    I have tried to subscribe to the ‘new’ old school and when I receive the link in my email and click it, it comes back with Not Found, Error 404. Can you fix this?

    Thanks and I really enjoy reading your blog!

    [email protected]

    • thedamselindisdress


      Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know about this problem.

      Perhaps there was something going on with Feedburner at the time you got your link. When I checked it, it seemed to be working. Please try it again, and let me know. I’m so glad you like the blog!
      Margot (The Damsel)