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stringing popcorn

Pin ItOne of the most old school things you can do to decorate a Christmas tree is to string popcorn for a garland. The tradition of decking your tree with food is as old as they come, and popcorn is cheap and easy. It’s a fun activity to do as a family, too. Pop some […]

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make your own fake snow, take two

Pin ItIn the Damsel’s last post, she talked about a few ways of making fake snow, but it appears she pulled the trigger too soon. There’s another way, and perhaps this is an easier solution. It sounds easier to clean up, anyway. Mix equal parts kosher salt (regular can be used but kosher looks more […]

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make your own fake snow

Pin ItThe Damsel is giggling about this post, because currently the Cottage by the Mountains is in deep. There’s a crazy lotta snow here, and to make fake snow is a bit funny right now. **not the Cottage** But! We’re talking about snow for decorating inside the house, not to pad the ski runs. Whoops! […]

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