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happy christmas

Pin ItThe Damsel wishes you the happiest of holidays. Amidst the busyness, don’t forget to enjoy the simple joys of the season.

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pet peeves in the kitchen

Pin ItIn the olden days, there were no doubt many annoyances. All that fuss with getting water and so on. ANNOYING.                 photo Nowadays, the Damsel only has to lift a finger–literally–to fetch water in her kitchen. But there are still annoyances that feel a bit like a […]

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brown eyes–guest post

Pin ItThe Damsel is guest posting on Mormon Mommy Blogs today. Go see? Brown Eyes

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how to mail cookies

Pin Itphoto The Damsel is missing her sprog #4, who is far away in the land of Michigan, serving as a missionary. To make herself feel better, the Damsel got herself busy and made some. the Knight made cookies. It’s true. The Knight makes such good cookies, the Damsel doesn’t even try anymore. What’s the […]

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the old fashioned family dinner

Pin ItWhen the Damsel was just a sprog, having dinner together as a family was as normal as dew in the morning. This happened Every. Single. Day. The Damsel works at it but it seems harder nowadays. Why is that? This isn’t a problem just at the Cottage by the Mountains. It’s widespread, according to […]

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