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sprog #7

sprog #4

Sprog #6

Sprog #1, plus spouse and 2 grandsprog

Sprog #5

Sprog #3

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  • maimeyrocky

    oh he is a very handsome sprog! ANd he always has been.

  • Momonine

    Love, love ’em!

  • maimeyrocky

    I have just decided if you have sprogs…then they must have a sprouse!!! And that is coming from the mother of one of those sprouses!

  • damselindisdress

    sprouse! Love it!

  • Miette

    Now I’m a sprouse? …Rhymes with grouse… oh well its better than how some people refer to their DIL. 😉

  • love what u r doing here. can you e-mail info on old school ways, or tell me where i can find you at? thanks, Andy

  • Rose

    Haha, oh Sprog 5.

    • damsel

      Dear Sprog #2,
      Could you at your Earliest Convenience please send me a picture? The one with the pig on your head will do fine.

      • Lynne Snyder

        Oh, that is so darn funny! Love you.

  • I think Sprog #2 needs a new photo. One with future-sprouse! *GRINS*

  • (Or maybe that’s sprog 3 and I just can’t type. Though Sprog 2 is very MIA. What’s up with that? Do I need to come back for more photogging???)

  • Shannannanna

    New picture for sprog #6…

  • I say 

  • I say 

  • I say Sprog 7# needs a new picture

  • I say Sprog 7# needs a new picture

  • wheres “sprog” 2????

  • wheres “sprog” 2????

  • Rockymento

    Time for sprog and grand sprig updates!